I have provided this list of messages and series for your review. You are welcome to select these message or series you would like for minister your church, or have pray about what to minister.


1. Believe God’s Word
2. God first
3. Changing the standard – serving
4. Studying God’s Word – how to
5. Why did Jesus come to Earth?
6. Our Father God
7. God is for you, not against you
8. Led by the Spirit of God
9. God your Father
10. Effective praying
11. Spiritual goals
12. How can we know what God wants from us?
13. Heaven
14. Where is the answer? (To my prayer)
15. Knowing God’s plans for yourself
16. God’s plans for you
17. Enjoy the journey (of life)
18. Keep your focus
19. God loves you
20. Our God given authority
21. Choices, door 1 or door 2 (obedience to God)
22. Seek God
23. See yourself as God sees you!
24. God’s filters


1. Christ the healer
2. God first
3. Righteousness
4. The life of obedience